Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

All you need to know about us.

What we do is new, we get it. If you’ve got a burning question, check our FAQ below to see if we’ve got an answer to what you seek.

If you need assistance, we’re happy to speak. Visit our Contact page to get in touch.

If your cat dislikes being handled, please inform our photographers of this in advance. 

To proceed with the photo session, you will need to be present in order to handle kitty. This will prove the least stressful situation to your cat and allow us the best chance to capture the photos you desire.

We accept cashless payments only. Payment for your booking can be made via our website, using HitPay or a valid credit card.

The standard rights we offer are perpetual (lifetime), personal usage licence rights. We always retain ownership rights.

Stock library, competition or reselling excluded without written permission from us. These rights do not automatically apply to vendors, suppliers or venues, we must approve it in writing first. If this is something you would like to do, contact us to discuss.

The photos are delivered via a private secure download link. Please download your images as soon as you receive them.